June 1, 2018 Future News

President Trump in  a surprising gesture offers to be interviewed by Mueller: Trump gets to ask questions of Mueller on a question each gets a question.

Johnfrantay has acquired a list of questions that Trump will ask Special Counselor Mueller:

1. SC Mueller, are you aware that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for a dossier on me?
2. Did you know that the Special Council appointment was based on this fictitious dossier and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC?
3. Do you believe the Director of the FBI should publicly announce the decision to let Hillary Clinton escape prosecution days before the election and before he has interviewed Hillary Clinton?
4. Do you believe Director Comey influenced the 2016 election by announcing that Hillary would not be prosecuted?
5. Do you believe that AG Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix should be investigated?
6. Do you believe it is acceptable for the AG to tell Comey to call the investigation into the email scandal a “matter” rather that an “investigation”?
7. Do you believe that Strzok and Page senior FBI officials attempted to influence an election and should be investigated?, and what was their insurance?
8. Mr. Mueller did you deliver enriched uranium to Russia at the request of then SOS Hillary Clinton and if not who instructed you to do so, and did you discuss the 2016 presidential elections with them?
9. Mr. Mueller, do you feel it is a conflict of interest for you to do this investigation considering your relationship with former Directory Comey, investigator Strzok, Hillary Clinton, and former President Obama?
10. And, what exactly was your involvement with the Obama administration and Obama’s announced more flexibility with Russia?
11. Since you are investigating the Russian interference in our election, why are you not including any investigation into Hillary’s and Obama’s connections to the Russians? Especially since the Russians paid President Clinton $500,000 for a speech he made in Russia.
12. Mr. Mueller do you believed it is interring in an election and collusion if the Democrats hire an investigator through a third party, has Trumps trip to Russia investigated by this spy and when the dossier is finished it is paid by the Democratic party and the Clinton’s and leaked to the press through a another party?
13. Do think there could be collusion and obstruction when Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein writes a letter recommending that President Trump fire Comey and then appoints a special counselor to investigate the Russian connection due to the fabricated dossier provided by the opposing party that was not vetted and proven later to be fictitious.
14. Did you have any private conversations with Rosenstein and plan strategy for your Special Counselor appointment, and if you did, what exactly was discussed?
15. Are you looking for the leaker from your office that leaked your questions to the press?

I think those should be the ground rules, question for question, or the President should not answer any of Mueller’s’ questions
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I have an answer concerning building the wall along the Mexican and US border.
by John F Taylor

I think we should build a high speed freeway from San Diego through to the Gulf of Mexico. It would serve two purposes, if it was elevated it would be a wall. And, a high speed Toll/freeway road from San Diego could be well used and create jobs and businesses on the US side as well as the Mexican side. Land could be leased from owners giving them a life long source of income and pay for their sacrifice of property.

Rest areas could be built every fifty to one hundred miles. Exit to the south and the traveler will experience Mexican food along with shops with Mexican products and services. Exit to the north and the traveler will experience US shops and restaurants. This would develop business and help the economy on both sides of the border.

It would be an interesting ride! And as a toll road it would pay for itself over the years and make shipping produce from El Centro, etc. to the east less expensive and would benefit southern states. Put a water pipe from the Mississippi and gather surface water under it and it would solve some of CA’s water problems and Mexico’s water shortages. It would be the first international freeway/toll road that follows our border with exit points two both countries along the way.

Since it would create access to legal Mexicans, wishing to cross the border for jobs and economic opportunities as well there might be a financial contribution to the cost by Mexico. Mexico could pay for water coming from the Mississippi and Rio Grande rivers.

Financing for the US portion could be done by selling bonds, likewise in Mexico. A similar international highway could be built on the northern border from the Midwest to the state of Washington. Special passes would be purchased to exit at the United States or Mexico or Canada on the Northern border.

This would solve two problems the President and Congress are struggling with at this time. It would help infrastructure and also help stop the illegal immigrants and drug traffic from crossing the border. And a plus, it would pay for itself over a period of time.

The ultimate result of this project would be to create an attraction that will attract the world. The rest areas would be mini-malls, with golf courses, resorts, and possibly casinos. Exit on the Mexican side and experience the culture of Mexico with shops and pharmacies and great restaurants without actually entering the country.

The same would happen if the foreign travelers exited the rest area to the north they would experience the US culture without the difficulty of getting license or visas to enter the US.

I have sent this idea to the White House but have not received a response.

What do you think?


Post 2018 Elections

HEADLINES – November 10, 2018 From

Copyright – Johnfrantay

The DNC took increasing losses in the 2018 elections. Through the first two years of Presidents Trump they voted in unison a “NO” vote for over ninety per cent of the legislation brought to the president during those two years.

In a cunning elections strategy almost all the Republicans running for office stated one simple fact, “if you vote Democratic in 2018 you will be trying to elect a member to Congress that will not participate in running the country.” The GOP assembled statistics stating the enormous obstructionism the DNC demonstrated.

They also pushed the Seven Million Americans that paid a penalty/tax for not buying the insurance they couldn’t afford, look forward to your penalties to keep increasing. The arguments over the wall and immigration policies allowed the Republicans to campaign on the fact that Democrats are more concerned about illegal aliens and dreamers than they related to their own constituents.

The election was successful, and the Republicans have gained well over 60% of the Senate and the door is open to pass bills at their leisure. The Democrats, even with their obstructionism were unable to stop Trump. The unemployment rate is at 25 year low even surpassing President Clinton’s success due to the explosion of technology and the World Webb. The Dow Jones had reached over two hundred all time high’s and this increased the Market’s worth by over seven trillion dollars helping retirement plans for eighty per cent of the working Americans.

DNC is meeting on a regular basis to find a way to rid Congress of their ineffective leaders.

Great news for the GOP.

A speech for Trump


Ladies and gentlemen I would like to speak to you about some of the events since I became the President of the United States in January.

It has been seven months since I moved into the American People’s House. It is a great house and I appreciate the fact they are providing me a home for four years. I am honored the American people have given me this opportunity.

Out of respect to the office and to honor the wishes of my constituents I feel I am required to relate to you my feelings since taking this office. (Silence) Yes, I do have feelings. (A few chuckles)

I would like to start at the beginning. I ran for President because our government was at a standstill. Unemployment rate did not return to the level President Bush had in 2006 and when the Democrats took control of the Congress. The National debt at that time was under nine trillion dollars. When President Obama left office it was just under twenty trillion dollars.

The unemployment rate, when I took office was still higher than when President Bush had succeeded in getting it down to 4.6%. The Black unemployment rate had skyrocketed, the death rate for insurance related incidents was up 2%, and frankly our government was failing, the status quo was failing.

Why did I become President, (Pause) I became President because the American People were tired of status quo of our government. They wanted, and needed, change. I ran against the establishment, the media who criticized and researched everything I had done in my private life, seventeen Republican candidates, two formidable Democratic candidates, and the big money investors that did not want me to win, to change the status quo.

The establishment has done everything in their power to discredit myself and my family and my constituents. They devised a strategy to distract, discourage and destroy anything the Trump administration accomplished.

They distracted with the Russian/Trump fiasco which diverted the media to forget about the previous administrations co-operation with the Russian Government. All that has been accomplished by all the leaking about Russia is you have informed Russia that we are listening in on their ambassador. All the distraction has increased the tension and we have been put back into the “cold war” when we should be jointly trying to help stop the world violence; all for distraction.

Forget about the sale of 20% of our uranium to Uranium One which 51% of the company was sold to the Russians. Forget about Obama admitting he would be more flexible after he was elected to a second term. Forget about the Contributions to the Clinton foundation and the exorbitant fees paid to President Clinton for speeches in Russia. Forget about the close to one billion the Former administration paid to Iran, in cash which in turn was used to purchase weapons from the Russian Government; weapons possibly used against our own troops.

Distract the American people from the fact Unemployment is at a six year low. Divert them from knowing the illegal crossings of our border are down 70%. Forget that the stock market value is up four trillion net worth which helps everyone in this country that has a retirement fund, IRA, police, firemen, city workers that have pensions.

Distract the American People that over a million jobs have been created, that Veterans are getting quicker treatment and it continues to improve. Avoid the fact that the Trump Administration has reduced the debt, rather than increasing the debt. Forget that our Military is recovering from inadequate funding. (Pause)

And finally, I began by admitting I have feelings. Here are a few that are very close to me. I will begin with Charlottesville. When it first happened I spoke that our administration abhors violence no matter what groups are involved. I was immediately castigated for not naming groups. At the time no one had proof of who exactly was responsible.

Two days later I made a statement that Nazis, White Supremists, and KKK were responsible for much of the violence. I also stated both sides were responsible for violence. If you look at the car that ran over the poor victim, it had been stopped with a crowd in front of him. They were beating on the car with baseball bats and sticks and fists; and he backed up to escape. Were they all White Supremists?

Were the people that violently tore down the statue not on the opposite side? I said I abhor violence no matter the origin of that violence. And once again the media and even other politicians condemned me for stating a fact. Newscasters were crying on television. The Democrats were outraged even though a few years ago the Democrat Speaker was a member of the KKK.

And still the media asks me at news conferences, “Why didn’t you say it sooner? Why did you accuse both sides? Why are you called a Nazis sympathizer? They call you a bigot?”

To be honest with you, although I normally do not speak of my feelings, I felt it was time that I must. I have Jewish children, Jewish Grand Children; I have restored good relations with Premier Netanyahu. I most likely have more women executives and managers than possibly any other corporation in the world, black as well as white. I try to protect my children and my grandchildren and they are being hurt.

I have to admit when the Media makes these statements as if they are fact and they are not it angers me. It is a personal insult especially when it involves my family.

So I am asking you for something that you have not provided since I took office. I feel a positive attitude is necessary for our country to prosper. What the obstructionists, the media, and even some Republicans are doing is not helping our country and our people. It feels like vengeance and anger.

I am asking you to help our country prosper and escape the difficult times we have encountered the last few years. I am asking you to direct your attention to what we can do to solve the problems we face. I am asking you not to spend a week about why I didn’t respond to Charlottesville sooner, if I had named them sooner I would have been accused of jumping the gun. But, ask what we can do to solve the common violence that seems to happening all too frequently.

Work with me to create an environment of which we can be proud. There is no excuse for the death of a wonderful child who was solely trying to exercise her rights as provided for us in our Constitution. Help us stop the violence that is inflicting our country. Find the people that are financing and encouraging the violence and prosecute them.

When you spend an inordinate amount of time and energy on stories please think if you are helping our country. The news about nothing has become tedious and we need to make our essential goal about making America Great Again.

To quote John F. Kennedy, “think about what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.”

Thank you. I will take a few questions:

Question: President Trump, Mitch McConnell said you don’t know how Government works, what say you?

Answer: Senator McConnell is wrong. I do know how it works and that is why the American people elected me, to change how it works.

Question: Senator McCain voted against healthcare reform. How does that make you feel?

Answer: It makes Senator McCain responsible for every citizen in the United States that has to pay a penalty because they cannot afford Obama Care. His one vote would have saved the American people hundreds of millions of dollars that will NOT NOW be spent on insuring their lives.

NOW, any questions about how we can “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”










via Daily Prompt: Hidden

I woke up on a cot from the noise of the rain falling on a tin roof. There was a venetian blind covering a window. I stretched rising from the cot, my  hands reached the ceiling and I could feel the rain falling onto the roof.

I walked over to the venetian blind and split it open. I could see nothing but the light shadowed by the falling rain. There was a bathroom in the corner of the room; although I needed the facilities I decided to sit on the edge of the cot. I found a pair of moccasins under the edge and slipped them on my feet. The concrete floor had been cold.

I went to the door to look out, but it was locked. There was a small wood window in the door and I opened it to reveal the same shadowy light that was coming through the window. No sound accept for the rain, no trees, nothing could be seen.

I walked to the bathroom and did my business and washed my hands in the stained bowl. I looked into the stainless steel mirror, into unfamiliar eyes, and I realized I was HIDDEN.

Stop Obama World Tour


Author: John F. Taylor

It seems Obama is touring foreign countries following up meetings that President Trump has had in Washington. President Trump meets with the President of South Korea and now Obama is in South Korea.

Hopefully, Obama is supporting President Trump as an ambassador supporting President Trump’s efforts to bring the North Korea fiasco to an end. But my fear is our fearful ex-President is interfering in our current Presidents foreign policy.

In reality this should be his apology tour rather than the first tour he made in his first tour as President as an apologist. Now he should be apologizing for this:

  1. He should be apologizing to Syria for drawing an invisible red line that he didn’t enforce and allowed Bashar Hafez al-Assad the ability to use chemical weapons on the their own people.
  2. He should be apologizing to South Korea for allowing North Korea to develop missiles that can easily reach South Korea with nuclear weapons.
  3. He should apologize to the Libyan people for letting our Ambassador and three others die in Benghazi.
  4. He should also apologize for lying about the cause being a video and having Susan Rice travel from network to network lying about same.
  5. He should apologize to the parents of the Benghazi parents over the coffins of the dead he knowingly lied to them about the reason for the death of their children.
  6. He should apologize to the people of Iraq for leaving them prematurely and allowing thousands if not millions to die.
  7. He should apologize to the people of Afghanistan for deserting and let the Taliban control more territory than when we arrived.
  8. He should apologize to the remaining soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq for leaving them under manned.
  9. He should apologize to the parents of our men and women that died because he left the resources, tanks, troop carriers, heavy equipment, ammunition behind to be confiscated by ISIS and used to kill American and Iraqi soldiers.
  10. He should apologize to the parents of the people that died because he sold high power weapons to the cartel in Mexico for the sole purpose of proving high power weapons should not b sold.
  11. He should apologize to Israel for making a bad deal on nuclear weapons most likely allowing Iran to become a nuclear power sworn to the destruction of Israel.
  12. He should apologize to the future parents of American citizens that are kidnapped to the fact that he paid for the release of hostages.
  13. He should apologize for illegally paying Iran 400,000,000 million in cash loaded onto planes in the middle of the night so he could ignore banking sanctions against that country.
  14. He should also apologize for the use of the 400 million by Iran to purchase weapons from Russia in a billion dollar arms deal. This apology should be to the mid-east where most likely the Iranians will use the weapons they purchased with our money to kill them.
  15. He should also apologize for being more flexible with the Russians during the 2012 campaign.
  16. He should also apologize for selling 20% of the US uranium to a Canadian company that the Russians ended up owning 51% and control.
  17. He should also apologize for sending operatives to Israel to try to keep Netanyahu from becoming the president of Israel.
  18. He should also apologize to the American people for not sanctioning Russia when he knew they were interfering in the 2016 election but new it would help elect Hilary Clinton.
  19. He should also apologize for giving immunity to Eric Holder and hiding correspondence and emails from Congress and allowing Holder to show contempt for Congress.
  20. He should also apologize to the American people for allowing the Democratic Party to raise fictitious allegations about President Trump and the Russians and interfering with Trump’s ability to perform the important tasks in front of him.
  21. He should apologize for interfering in Trumps ability to control foreign policy.
  22. He should apologize for his duplicity in protecting Hillary from the justice department.
  23. Mostly, he should apologize for forming a 501-C3 non-profit organization with the purpose of seditious undermining the foreign policy of the sitting President of the United States.

And what can be done about the interference of our previous and undignified President?

President Trump should establish a special council that should immediately seek a restraining order against the former president Barack Obama from traveling outside the United States.

OFA, the organization should be investigated for illegal contributions that goal is to unseat the current president of the United States.

Immediately form a Grand Jury to determine whether to prosecute President Obama for breaking Federal Law that does not allow paying a ransom for hostages to a foreign country that is determined to support terrorism.

Immediately arrest James Comey for Leaking Classified Information, and not investigating Loretta Lynch for obstruction, and interfering with a political election, also perjury before a Congressional committee.

Immediately arrest Loretta Lynch for Obstruction of Justice and investigate, there is adequate testimony to justify a Grand Jury.

Subpoena Bill Clinton concerning the obstruction concerning prosecution of Hillary Clinton on the Tarmac meeting n Phoenix with Loretta Lynch.

Immediately arrest Hillary Clinton for obstruction of Justice and investigate gross negligence with classified documents, sufficient evidence is immediately available that Comey covered up.

Subpoena Eric Holder and question him and enforce the release of documents including email he concealed from Congress and was in Contempt of Congress concerning “Fast and Furious.

Complete the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and determine the complicity of Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary Clinton in “Pay and Play” scam that was possibly involved and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Open an investigation of Uranium One the Canadian company that Hillary and Obama arranged to sell 20% of US uranium to the Russians and if this was one more of the “pay and Play” scams and who may possibly have made contributions from Russia and the Canadian owners of Uranium One to the foundation. And who knew and was complicit in the fact that Russia ended up with 51% ownership of the company and 20% of our Uranium.


I sincerely believe that the Republic of the United States is in trouble. For the first time in my fairly long history I am afraid that our country is threatened, from within.

When Nikita Khrushchev said “We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. “We do not have to invade the United States; we will destroy you from within.”

Obama is “Within” and actively undermining our elected government. I strongly believe that the Democrats, the Media, the big contributors are unknowingly contributing to the downfall of the longest living republic in the history of the World.

I believe it is silent and the hate that has been created within our society with the intention of a civil disobedience created with the election of President Trump and is being used to hideously conquer our government with a somewhat silent coup.

The Organization that Obama has created OFA; Organization For Action has thousands of members and contributors. They are “within” and they are growing. We need to protect our constitution and we do not need a dictator with the name Osama Hussein Obama. We need to put the criminals from the last administration in jail.





Obama said he would be more flexible in his second term to the President of Russia. Since then:

  1. Obama paid 400,000,000 to Iran for the release of hostage.
  2. Obama canceled a program for defensive missiles in the Ukraine.
  3. Obama let the number of US troops decrease and the budget dropped by 15% for the Department of Defense and Nuclear agencies in his last four years.
  4. Obama did not interfere with Russia’s support of Bashar al-Assad and there bombing of US friendly rebels.
  5. Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline, making foreign crude more valuable and created the need for 584,000,000 barrels of oil a year that will need to be shipped which causes air pollution, railed causing air pollution and trucked causing air pollution responsible for 95% of oil spills.
  6. Obama prematurely withdrew troops from Iraq and Afghanistan allowing Iran to become a major player in the region.
  7. Obama made a one sided deal with Iran on inspections allowing them to continue in their effort to a nuclear weapon.
  8. Obama sat on the sidelines as North Korea continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  9. Obama sat on the sidelines as Iranian boats taunted US navy vessels and allowed prisoners to be taken with no repercussions.
  10. Obama sat on the sidelines as China manufactured islands and claimed rights to territorial waters.
  11. Obama sat on the sidelines as the Russian Air Force buzzed and taunted US Naval vessels in International Waters.
  12. Obama sent $350,000 of Government funds to an organization that was trying to oust Netanyahu during the Israel elections.
  13. Obama with the help of Hillary made a deal with Uranium One to buy twenty per cent of the uranium produced in the United States. Russia purchased 51% of Uranium One and controls 20% of our Uranium.
  14. The Clinton Foundation received millions in donations from the owners of Uranium One.
  15. The Clinton Foundation received millions of contributions from the oil producing countries in the Middle East. And she is against Keystone.
  16. Why we need Keystone:

Why would the Russians NOT want Trump and why would they support him?

  1. Trump will increase spending on defense and modernize our nuclear program.
  2. Trump has already approved Keystone making Russian crude less valuable in the future and hurting their economy.
  3. Trump will support defensive Missiles in the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.
  4. Trump will update our Navy and our defensive ability.
  5. Trump will proceed to eliminate ISIS depleting Russian profits in they acquire from the distribution of military supplies.
  6. Trump will end regulations that make it impossible for our manufacturers complete with foreign countries.
  7. Trump will build a wall that will make it more difficult for foreign agents to infiltrate our country.
  8. Trump will vet refugee and immigrants restricting the ability to infiltrate by foreign agents.
  9. Trump will decrease the Tax on US business making it possible for them to return business and funds to the US.
  10. Trump will cancel or change foreign trade agreements that do not put the US on an equal level.
  11. Trump will increase employment and the stability of the country will be more stable.
  12. Trump will make the atmosphere for foreign investors in US to invest in manufacturing and expansion into the US.
  13. Putin would know that support for Trump by Russia would be votes for Hillary. Just as the KKK David Dukes turned into a major incident when the KKK has always been an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.

CONCLUSION: The current investigation into the Russian Connection into 2016 elections should concentrate on the 2012 elections when Obama became more flexible, or maybe a contortionist, and a review of exactly what the Russians gained by having a Democratic President.




JULY 13, 2018

The campaigns for Senate and House seats are getting close to the elections. It is rumored that the sixty eight plus Democrats that by-passed the Trump Inauguration and claimed he was not a legitimate President are deeply concerned about holding their seats in Congress

The Wall between Mexico and the United states is nearing completion. Trump is extremely popular and the Mexican government has supplied fifty percent of the labor force to build the wall. Joint venture concrete companies between the two countries are actively building the precast concrete walls to complete a large percentage of the wall and both countries are participating in the profits from future manufacturing projects.

The profits from the manufacturing facilities will pay off the remaining cost of the wall, including wall panels to separate Mexico from its southern bordering countries that contribute to the illegal population. Additional to the decrease of illegals, the limit of legal immigrants has been increased to help the need for additional labor forces in the United States.

The drug traffic between the two countries has been reduced by over seventy five percent. Illegals are almost exclusively visitors that have extended their visits beyond the legal limit. In a heartfelt motion Trump initiated in congress two generation illegal families have been granted an extended permission to stay in the US as long as they avoid committing felonies. The cost of welfare in many states has been decreased by smaller number of illegals and some states are able to use increased funds for infrastructure in their own states.

Trump has also introduced a revised and replaced affordable health plan. Deductibles have been drastically decreased and competition among insurance companies across state lines has reduced the cost of insurance. With the reduced policy cost Millennia’s have flooded into the insurance market. Opening up the Pharmaceutical market across country borders has also reduced the cost of prescription drugs due to increased competition, reducing Medicare part “D”.

The corporate tax decrease to 15% has been an incentive for Burger King and other large corporations to relocate their money and their corporate offices to the United State. It is expected that over two trillion in funds has returned to the US. Trump convinced congress that 15% of eight trillion is better than 35% tax on two trillion. The tax deduction for the top two percent if they start business in depressed neighborhood has started an influx of small business owners in those neighborhoods, further decreasing unemployment and increase the number of entrepreneurs in the inner cities.

Plus, the increased employment has reduced the cost of unemployment, food stamps and medical costs. The growth rate in his second year has reach 6.5 the highest in several decades. Also with the high employment rate the IRS is setting records in receiving funds and the yearly expansion of the deficit has stopped and a surplus is expected in 2019, actually reducing the national debt.

Polls are predicting that the Republicans will gain as many as twenty seats in the Senate and as many as forty in the house, making the Democratic Party almost impotent to affect legislation. Many of the Democrats that bypassed Trumps inauguration are almost trembling in the hot seats they created for themselves.

Schumer, Lewis, and Pelosi have said they will participate in the next inauguration, but Trump has been quiet about whether they will be invited.



First pages “Looking”

This is the first few pages of my screenplay, “looking.” I apologize for the formatting. WordPress wouldn’t accept the formatting as it was.


JEFFREY MADISON walks up to a door with a large glass window. SATELLITE PRODUCTIONS is stenciled on the door. His hair is fringed with gray. He hesitates, then enters.

There is a DREAMLIKE quality. Jeffrey looks at his reflection in the glass then reaches for the doorknob.


Jeffrey stands in front of a PRETTY RECEPTIONIST. Billboards from movies hang on the wall.


Have a seat it could be awhile.


I had an appointment.


I know Mr. Madison, like I make all his appointments. Have a seat. You want a magazine; there are some in that cabinet.

She points at a cabinet with a large clock. It is TWO o’clock.


Jeffrey looks at the producers door, then back to his magazine. He gets up and puts the magazine back and picks up another one.

The clock READS 3:30.


It’s three-thirty.


Let’s hope you write as well as you tell time. At least he’s here. He didn’t show up at all yesterday.




Jeffrey looks at the clock just as the intercom BUZZES. It’s 4:30. He watches the receptionist talk into her mouthpiece, then she looks at Jeffrey.


He’s ready for you.


Better late than never.


Yeah, it could have been tomorrow. And you know what they say about tomorrow?




It’s always a day away.

Jeffrey nods and walks toward a large oak door.


THE PRODUCER sits in front of a huge window covered with Venetian Blinds. He is dressed expensive casual. He pops a couple Rolaids in his mouth. Jeffrey walks up and extends his hand.

The Producer reaches over his desk and starts to shake, but pulls his hand back.


Sorry, nothing personal.

He looks at the pile of scripts sitting on the floor.


Remind me, what’s the name again?


“Tomorrow Never Comes.” I wrote the name on the spine.


There it is, at the bottom of that pile, next to the garbage bin. I hope that isn’t a bad sign. Jeffrey jokes. . .

The Producer looks up with a DULL smile, then digs down in the script pile. Jeffrey looks longingly at a chair, but stands.


So, what’s this thing about?

The Producer talks over his shoulder. A large stack of scripts TOPPLES over. The Producer shrugs. While the Producer is looking for the script, Jeffrey checks his armpits noticing the SWEAT is starting to show.


It’s kind of a romance comedy with a twist. A screenplay writer looking for Michael Bolton.


Michael Bolton, aren’t they all. Where did you get the tan?


Tan. . . Oh, playing golf. When I turned 45, I decided I would be a pro golfer or a writer.


You making any money?


I’ve written two books and six screenplays. But I’m not published, yet.


What’s your handicap?




That’s good, but I hope you can write. How old are you?


Fifty, and I can write.


The producer looks at his watch and SIGHS.


Okay, you got three minutes.


The first ten minutes takes place in a producers office. Jeffrey is making this pitch for a script he’s written. . . except it’s a dream.

The Producer cleans some fluid out of his sinus and COUGHS. He finally wrestles the script out of the pile. He shuffles through some pages.


Yeah, I can see it. It’s kinda’ like what’s happening here.

Suddenly the room gets darker and the sun comes through the Venetian blinds.


It’s a little dark with ribbons of light reflected in the dust from the Venetian blinds.

The Producer is flipping some pages. He pauses while he cleans some WAX out of his ear. His index finger partially DISAPPEARS into his left ear. Jeffrey starts talking faster. The Producer seems to be getting larger.


I know, I know. That’s the first ten pages. I’ll give you another couple minutes.


Thanks. We cut to the Phoenix Open. Michael Bolton is playing golf with Gary McCord, the pro that’s on TV all the time.


Yeah, yeah, I know who Gary McCord is. . . Come on, I’m counting. . .

There is a big BLOB of ear wax stuck to the top of the page the Producer turns.

He FLICKS it off the page and it lands on Jeffrey’s pants. The Producer doesn’t notice.


Anyway, Jeffrey is following Michael and Gary around the Golf Course, when. . .

The Producer spots the WAX on Jeffrey’s pants. Jeffrey looks down at the spot, then continues.


. . . he meets this young sexy. . .

Jeffrey is standing very erect. The Producer points at a chair.


Sit down, sit down. You’re making me nervous. And, clean that brown stuff off your pants.

Jeffrey sits down and pulls a tissue out of a box on the Producer’s desk. He makes a HUGE smear of the wax on his pants. He looks at the Producer.


Go on, where were we?

Jeffrey has the Producer’s wax on a tissue but doesn’t know what to do with it. He just stares at it. The Producer points at the garbage bin. The bin appears to be larger.


Shit, throw it in there.


I thought that was for books.


I’m a Producer, not a Goddamn publisher. That sucker is for scripts. . . And that brown shit. Would you just get on with it?

Jeffrey throws the tissue in the garbage bin on top of countless number of scripts. Several scripts have wax spots on them.

The Producer WAVES his arm, saying continue, continue. Jeffrey turns and sneaks a look at his pits. The sweat runs down his shirt. The Producer takes a deep breath.


(at the bin)

How do you get that out of here? You must need a lift truck. And that door is undersized, isn’t it?


I got broke writers that empty it for me. That’s just this weeks.

Jeffrey blinks his eyes, amazed. He starts talking faster.


Oh, so, lets see. Ah, Jeffrey is at the Phoenix Open and he’s on the fifteenth tee and. . .


Slow down, take a breath.


I never did a pitch before.


No Shit. So, what’s Jeffrey doing on the golf course?


He’s trying to figure a way to get his script to Michael . . .


(looking at his watch)

How close are we? Jeez, another writer and his traumas.


Almost two-thirds.


Is there any violence in this sucker.


Nah. It’s kinda’ a satirical love story with some important sub plots. . . Do you want to hear the rest?


No violence, how about sex?


Sure, some sex.


Ok, ok, make it quick.

The Producer stands and walks around. Jeffrey seems excited, like the Producer is getting into the story. Jeffrey gets up and starts walking around the office with the Producer.

The Producer stretches to the side, then pushes on the lower part of his stomach. Jeffrey almost bumps into his back, just as he begins talking.


Then Jeffrey. . .


That burrito I had for lunch is doing wonders for my colon. Could you,ah kind a hurry. . . And stop following me around.


Sure, sorry.


What’s Jeffrey got for a wife?


Well that’s the interesting part. They’ve been married a bunch of years, but they only have one kid.

The Producer pushes on his stomach again.


You ever try a coffee enema?


Coffee enema, what, are you shitting me?


Something my Chiropractor recommended to me once.


The story, huh, come on the end must be in sight. So, is there a happy ending?


Sure, Jeffrey and this. . .


You always sweat like that? And that goo on your slacks, it’s making me queasy on top of the burrito.


Sorry. No, I don’t usually sweat this bad. Ah, so, will you read it?

The Producer sits down and takes a hard look at Jeffrey. He takes a deep breath and pops two more Rolaids. The Producer moves his head back and forth and up and down making a full circle.

Jeffrey squints at the Producer trying to figure out if the head movement is a yes or no.


(inaudible sound)

The Producer BELCHES while he answers.

Jeffrey’s look says he didn’t hear what he said. Then the Producer rushes to the bathroom.


Jeffrey exits the left side door. The receptionist looks up. The door disappears.


Is he going to read it?


Who knows?


Maybe he’ll call.


Do you know how to get ear wax out of cotton?


Hey baby, I’m a writer too. What do you think, I’m a dry cleaner?


Jeffrey startles awake, realizing he was dreaming. He looks toward SANDRA MADISON, his wife. Feeling his stare, she buries herself deeper into the coverings. He softly touches her, reaching out. She moves away.

Jeffrey looks at her for several beats then lays back down, turning to the wall.

Who Dat Hacker?

2017 the Intelligence Community has decided that Hillary did not loose the 2016 election because of the Russians. Although the information revealed, the communications the Campaign that was revealed could have affected the results. An essay by John F. Taylor:


© By John F. Taylor

Since the election the Clinton organization, the DNC, half the population are trying to figure out, Who dat Hacker.” My question would be, WHY? Was it the Ruskies, Vladimir himself, a Wikileaks operative, Joe Bumba a sixteen year old prodigy computer tech? Who is that leaker at the CIA, the undisclosed senior agent of the FBI?

BETTER YET, who cares?

You know what, I CARE. I care because I want to thank him/her, shake their hand, briskly and personally. I would say, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

You have revealed facts that the citizens of the United States would not have known before the election ended. The CIA, The FBI, The President, The Clinton Foundation/organization, the DNC, all would have hidden the FACTS if it was not for you. You are the HEROS!

THANK YOU HACKER for revealing that the DNC and the Clinton campaign sandbagged Bernie Sanders and caused him to lose the Democratic nomination.

THANK YOU HACKER for revealing that the DNC and the Clinton campaign sent professional hooligans to disrupt the Trump Rallies.

THANK YOU HACKER for revealing the “Pay for Play” tactics of the Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

THANK YOU HACKER for revealing that Hillary Clinton was getting questions from Dona Brazil and Wolfe Blitzer was co-operating with the DNC and the Clintons along with CNN.

THANK YOU HACKER for waking up fifty percent of the people in the United States that we cannot accept as fact much of what journalists try to convince us is news when it is collaboration.

THANK YOU HACKER for letting us know John Pedesta recommended to Hillary to dump emails.

THANK YOU HACKER for revealing that the DNC and Clinton’s private server was open for hacking that broke our national security, which even without intent is a criminal offence.

For the Television and written media that gets an opportunity to read this please realize that the US public is not the stupid morons you believe us to be. WE THE PEOPLE shall follow your political endeavors that should be news without blindly following your government establishment promotion to get favors and leaks that promote specific political parties.

Time for the media to become journalists and present facts that are not latter revealed as lies by the HONEST HACKERS. The media should be reporting news, not creating news. We SHOULD NOT need to depend on Hackers for honest news. SHAME ON THE MEDIA, SHAME ON THE CIA, SHAME ON THE NSA, SHAME ON THE PRESIDENT AND THE DNC.

Please forward this AND SHARE and hopefully we will achieve some honesty in the media so we will get factual information and not a bunch of divisive BS so that we can actually know what is really happening.

SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT NO MATTER IF YOU LIKE HIM OR NOT, HE IS OUR PRESIDENT. And he needs our help as he tries to make America Great.

HACKERS, it may be good to reveal, but it is bad to steal. Just a heads up.